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This Dude is in the Fediverse!

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Hey man, did you know there’s a whole other online world out there? One that is free from corporate shit, algorithms and other stuff that can make an old duder’s head spin?

Well I’m here to tell you that it is here! It’s a bit new, with the slightest fraction of users that are on the big corporate networks, but it’s growing.

People are fed up with corporate bullshit and the theft of their time (not to mention their calm). Don’t let the corporations steal your shit man, check out this Fediverse!

Ok ok, I got a little pumped up. So what does this mean?

Well I changed the website here a little so you can find it on a social media platform called Mastodon

It’s kinda like Xwitter (see what I did there) used to be, but it’s not run by one crazy guy. It’s distributed so one one person has it all.

It’s like you have a bunch of little Xwitter’s called servers, which network together to create the platform. Each of these little servers is run by a volunteer (since there’s no commercialization in the Fediverse). Some of these servers are big, and some are small. The cool thing is if your friend is on a different server, you can still follow them and see what they post.

Another cool thing is there’s no algorythm.

Having no algorythm means means:

  • You see the posts in the order they were made
  • There are no ads
  • People can’t pay money to force you to see their posts
  • The server doesn’t hide any of the posts

You kinda see what’s happening there, right?

Ok I’ve gone on long enough. If you want to learn more about the Fediverse and what all this means, you can check out this post at Foss to learn more.

You all take it easy now.

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