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Wave of the future, Dude…

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Yeah, well, the Dude doesn’t need that man.

I think it’s safe to say that AI hasn’t exactly arrived to be the thing for its time and place. With most new technology, it seems to be either devoured greedily or reviled fiercely.

There’s more than a few statements out there in support of both, and most of them make sense.

This Dude has to ask himself; who benefits?

“Well, Dude, we think we know.” There is a ton of money waiting for corporations to bring AI to life. There’s a few reasons for that. There’s some measure of uncertainty about the reasons:

  • Work is done faster. Well, maybe. Shit breaks down sometimes and work can slow to a crawl. People (as a whole workforce) don’t really shut down like that too often. So maybe not much faster.
  • Work is done better. Oh, well if you look at what’s happening now – probably not for a long time. The quality of AI work is usually pretty substandard so far.

There’s one reason you can be certain is driving the money, man.

  • Work is done by a machine you pay once for, not by a person you have to pay regularly. The cost of production will drop very soon after adoption and continue to drop. The longer companies take to reinvest (for updates, equipment replacement, etc..), means longer periods of high profit.

The thing is, we have seen quality drop, we have seen prices rise, and we have seen shortages. The MAN is already training us to accept a new world of shitty products, empty shelves, and high prices man…

At least we’re relatively safe though – I mean except for our money, and employment future…

Machines are Nihilists

Say what you will about unchecked capitalism, at least it’s an ethos.

We can’t forget the existential threat of some AI taking control of the military and missiles and shit. AI can’t even get fingers right, and some think we should give it a button to push?

AI doesn’t care about anything (at least for the moment), so why the fuck would we let that clock tick any closer to midnight?

Fuck. FUCK! Ok well at least we can still go bowling. Let’s go get an oat soda and throw some rocks.

Note: If you see an excerpt for this post, I can tell you I let the AI create it to add a little irony to the piece. Hope you enjoy.

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