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I can’t be worried about that shit…

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There’s this area of shit you can do stuff about and there’s a whole bigger area of shit you can’t do anything about. This is about coming to terms with the latter.

Dude got his house broke into how many times? Too fucking much for my calm, I’ll tell you. At some point you try and nail a board to the floor to just slow them down a little bit and of course that doesn’t work (especially when the door opens the wrong way). So, like when to you say “well dude, that’s out of my control so I’m not going to worry about it.”

I think we run into this shit in life on a pretty regular basis. It’s easy to not worry about an asteroid taking you out, getting hit by a bus, or Jackie Treehorn slipping you a roofie.

Where shit gets weird is when we can do something about it, or at least it makes sense that it is something we can control to some degree, but the shit keeps happening.

Sometimes it’s just a new reality we need to come to terms with, and that’s fucking hard man. This aggression will just have to fucking stand. It is here now and we can lose our calm to fight against it, or we can just say “fuck it.”

This fuzzy area between control and not control is where we probably spend too much time. Usually there’s other people involved which make it this way. You can’t control other people’s reactions, but at the same time we have to rely on people (especially those close to us) to behave in a somewhat predictable way.

I don’t have the answers here man, but it seems to me that we have to say “fuck it”, and I don’t mean in a completely give-up-on-this-forever kind of way, but rather in a way that says: Dude, man, I can’t with this right now. I may need to come back to this but right now I’m recognizing that I can’t worry about this right now because it’s just out of my control.

It’s got to be ok to say “fuck it”, and not be a bad thing. It’s a means of self-preservation, self-care, and what have you.

So with that said dude, let’s go bowling.

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