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Stealing your Calm

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As the year closes out, I’ve been around more than a few people who’ve allowed their calm to be stolen.

This reminds me of my reason for mindful meditation. I can live life by being some reactive automaton which takes actions based on stimulation, or I can exercise a little free will and control my own path.

When I’m not being mindful, I let the automaton take over.

Walter demonstrates some automaton moments when he reacts to Smokey’s foot violation. Even in the moment Walter explains his trigger; “there are rules”. There were no rules in ‘nam and that is his trigger. If Walter were more mindful he may have avoided a very serious situation.

So my friends, this is what the Dude, and I daresay the rest of us, should aspire to – be a bit more mindful in this new year. Get some self-understanding and be gentle. Reactionaries don’t change overnight, and your reactions won’t either. It takes time and grace, give yourself those things and learn to give your ego a break.

Take it easy man.

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