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May I be the first, and quite possibly only person to wish you a “Take it Easyster”. Today is a holiday! As provided by one of our favorite websites, right there at Dudeism. Please check the site out and update your calendar accordingly, and don’t forget to buy stuff there because it helps keep that website going.

So what’s up with this holiday? First of all, like most of the holidays we see listed up there (in case you forgot to click before), we’re kinda co-opting another day on the calendar because it’s a lot easier. What you may not know is that there’s a pagan tradition called Eostre, which happens to be kinda similar and falls roughly the same time of the year as Easter.

I can recognize a cosmic coincidence like anyone here, trust me. I’m not saying we have that right here, but considering we’re co-opting the timeframe and general purpose of the tradition ourselves… Well, I think you catch the cut of my jib, so I’ll just leave it at that.

So Eostre and Easter, in broad terms, are celebrations of change. Change of seasons, change of death to life (AKA Spring), and what not. The pagan rituals were leaning more toward fertility and the Christian ones seem to be a little less about that and more about celebrating re-birth than new birth… I don’t wanna get too deep into that – there are opinions and, well people are welcome to them.

Fact is, change is just something that happens man. I mean look, you get change handed to you all the time. Like having some little shit steal your poor car and leave his homework in it. Fair recompense for some old man’s ringer but pissing all over it… I digress.

Like I said, the fact is you sometimes get to choose change. Sometimes it’s a big fucking surprise dude. Other times, like now, we feel it in the air, we see it on the calendar, and then here it is. No surprises dude.

Regardless of any of that though, you just can’t worry about any of that shit dude. If we’re not going to worry about that we should focus on relaxing, and not get uptight about any of that shit. Life goes on. The flowers bloom, ice melts, chocolate bunnies go on sale in the store Monday, all that sort of thing.

I would be remiss by not mentioning that since there’s some pagan tie here to a fertility goddess, you might consider going to the shrine of Our Special Lady. For those of the sort who might wish to cast a request to the ethereal plane for some ectoplasmic good graces, you can attend your request to this place that it might be heard by choirs of angels or whatnot.

If that’s not your style, then I would encourage you to spend some time meditating on this season of change, how nature’s power compels the world to renew despite our best efforts and embrace our powerlessness of it all. Enjoy the change dude. Take it easy(ster), dude.

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