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Everything is kinda pissing me off man. Trying to do my thing and there’s shit getting in the way. Guy sends me a message and gets kinda pushy. This guy at work is fucking up something I gotta fix again. Even the shit I usually enjoy is just too boring or dull or what have you.

Are you with me Dude? Are you in that right now? Bummer man. Real bummer.

Dude, I was having one of those moments just minutes ago. I had shit to do and I said “Fuck it dude. Let’s go writing.” I would have said bowling but if you see the date of this post, you’ll know there was little bowling to be found. Especially here in LA County where I’ve been kicking it for a bit.

I grabbed my laptop, a blunt and came outside in the sunshine and started thinking about writing this post. I started by writing, without too much specificity, what was going on in my head.

Then I stopped and put myself in your shoes Dude. Maybe you’re feeling the same way. Maybe worse, Dude! Can you imagine some Dude checking this out with us and he’d just had his car stolen, and 10 mill missing, along with some poor girl?

Dude, there’s always someone worse off. You hear that all the time. Everyone’s talking about their day and someone says, “Oh I got it worse than that…”. Now I’m supposed to feel better, right? That’s easy to say, but it doesn’t quite help, am I right?

Nope, it doesn’t help. What does help is getting out of your head for a minute. What is it about this that you can control right now? Stupid shit is gonna happen. Things that always work are going to break. Humans are just going to be humans; make mistakes and… well, become unDude.

Imagine just one of those things happening on your best possible day. The day when everything just comes together for you. Hell, you might even have something good happen. And along comes the pushy guy, or the very human coworker. Would you feel like you do now? Probably not Dude.

Ok, that got ya cooled a bit? Maybe not. Perhaps we get out the next level of correction man.

What can you control right now? Well, you can say fuck it. I’m not saying check out of anything important, just take the day off. Your mental health is pretty important. Can you put some shit aside without any serious life-altering consequences?

Get out of your space. Go to a park, hell, go outside. Feel the weather, no matter what it’s doing (unless it’s cold dude, find something else to do). That’s where I am. There’s some birds. Dog sounds. Some sportster just drove by. I can’t do anything about all that either, but at least I can enjoy it.

See, it’s your perspective. I choose to enjoy this stuff right now. I don’t enjoy that other stuff, but it’s not here anymore. Not in any real sense. Now maybe try something you do enjoy, now you got something you control and you like it.

Give that a go Dude. Having what seems like a shitty, uncontrollable day is a real bummer man. I’m with you, and sometimes the best you can hope is that it gets a little less shitty. That good day is coming again. It is just as certain as a day like today will.  Took a while for the Dude to get his car back. Yes, it’d nearly been killed, but he got it back. The CCR was still in there. He enjoyed the shit out of that CCR too. Probably could have skipped the blunt just then but fuck it dude.

We’re not perfect, not by a long shot. All the meditation in the world doesn’t prepare you for a few blindsides in a row. The old one-two punch, from behind.

What is working for you dude? What’s your go-to for when they pee on your rug? Do you give yourself the ok to be pissed for a minute or two? Maybe you’re more dialed in than the rest of us. So spill it and share with your Dudes.

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